Sunday, 24 May 2015

A little something can make all the difference

Hiya peeps

I thought I would show you a card, make from a kit I brought in a sale, that cost me £1.50. By Papermania, from their Bellisima collection. In soft purples and blues its a beautiful card and I only went slightly off the picture on the front of the kit. What I wanted to show you though, is that a simple White 15mm Sheer Organza Ribbon bow can make such a difference...... If you dont like the White on it then the Crafty Ribbons website category  will show you what is available in 20 other colours, and thats just in the 15mm size!! A simple "rabbit ears" bow is all that is needed but if you
cant make one of those bows then any bow would suffice, even a bow without tails....
What I wouldnt recommend though, is using the 15mm ribbon to make a multiple looped bow for this type of card. It would make it look "too busy",  What I would say, after years of making cards and being a ribbon addict, is that you look at using a thinner ribbon if you want to add a multiple bow to what is already quite a busy card like this. However, if your card doesnt have the "overhangs" of the basic shape of the decoupage then go for it, but consider the layout of the rest of the card, Oh please dont take offence by my ranting or trying to give "advice".

The finished result??? A gorgeous feminine card from a teenager upwards thats what.

Check out my post on the Crafty Ribbons Inspiration blog for the shorter version of this post lol ;0

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