Friday, 17 October 2014

2nd Guest DT member for CS Designs.... following up on the milk shake tub recycling

Hiya peeps, Im back with my 2nd Guest DT member for CS Designs altered art/recycle challenge blog called Recycle, Re-Purpose and Reinvent

October Fall Harvest Halloween Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 and a Continuation  our last fortnight challenge. October, Fall, Harvest and Halloween challenge

Remember we always allow Anything Goes but any project you enteMust Still Include Recycling, also Only Those who follow our current posted Challenge Theme which we like to call the Bonus Round will be  eligible for Top 3 or any prizes being offered.

We are a fortnight challenge and will have 2 challenges per month, but since this month many countries celebrate Fall, Harvest & Halloween Our Overall Theme/Bonus Round for this entire month is October, Fall, Harvest and Halloween and we want to see anything and everything having to do with these themes in the projects you submit to us. It's a pretty broad theme with lots of spooky wiggle room and here are a just a few ideas to get you started. Think: Traditional colors for these holidays, Rustling leaves, Scarecrows, Big Round Pumpkins, Black Cats and Bats, Rattling Skeletons, Big Witches and Little Witches, and everything else that is Ghoulish and has an air of Spookiness to it. After all who doesn’t mind being just a teeny bit scared on Halloween when we know it's all in Fun!  

For those of you who do not Celebrate Halloween: Please feel free to pick from the alternatives suggested above ie Fall, Pumpkins, Scarecrows, etc.

Most importantly ... Have Fun and Don't Forget to Recycle, Recycle, and Recycle!!!

You have until the 31st October to complete this challenge but dont forget:

Remember!!! ... We always allow Anything Goes but any project you enter Must Still Include Recycling, or be Re-Purposed or Re-Invented. Also Note: Only those who follow our current challenge theme which we like to call The Bonus Round will be eligible for Top 3 or any prizes being offered.

My project for this challenge is carrying on from the first part of this challenge when I transformed the milk shake tub in the photo below. For this part I decided 
to recycle the tin can that my mushy peas came in (lol) but any can will do of any
size., it depends on what you want to use it for. I was recycling both of these items
for my teenage daughter as she loves anything gothic/horror type. I had to laugh 
when she saw what Id done with the milk shake tub, she immediately snapped it
from my work desk & took it upstairs to put with the scissor holder!! lol 

Right, with the tin the obvious first thing to do is to clean it out really well...and dry it.
Its up to you whether you take the label off but I chose not to. 
I wrapped a piece of paper with black bats on a white background on to it, securing with Pinflair glue gel and immediately after wrapping a piece of open weave hessian around. The next job was to top that with a wide black lace around for added strength & to stop the backing paper to come off. Then I added the ivory antique looking lace to the top rim, the purple mini pom pom & black sparkle trim around the bottom.
I then printed off the picture of Bela Eyes, Bela Lugosi Digi Stamp and cut around the actual eyes only to give a more haunting effect. This was then stuck down on to 
the tin using Pinflair glue gel. The results are amazing even if I say so myself.
Im so glad I went for the position of GDT for this amazing company, looking at the
images you wouldnt believe that they could look that good but its entirely up to your own imagination... let your imagination flow freely with these fab images...........


BOTH ITEMS TOGETHER, before and after.............

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