Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What is going on with blogger???

Hiya peeps,  well Im not happy...

Since the 22nd July (and its the 29th July today) I have not been able to leave any comments or replies to my blog let alone all the blogs that I follow!!!  Im getting so frustrated as it not only means that I cant reply, to thank everyone who has left me such wonderful comments on my blog posts/entries, I cant, also, enter in to any blog giveaway that I may find or I cant compliment any of the beautiful creations that are on & about on blogland...

I anyone else having this problem or can anyone help me as to what I have to do/what have I done to stop these comments showing/actually appearing on peoples/company blogs.

Im so sad as I really do appreciate every single comment/word that I receive, so, for now, Thank you & I sincerely apologise for any distress I may have caused.

Take care peeps and please, keep commenting!!!

;0 xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you to DarkUFO as the problem has been sorted!!!
      mwah is being sent over to you..

  2. Hi Marg, Glad to hear everything has been sorted out, it's always so frustrating when things don't work right. I just stopped by to say thank you so much for posting my Coordinator Call / Blog Candy badge on your side bar & post. I will be picking the winners later today and wish you the best of luck.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

    1. Oh how lovely of you to comment Chris.
      I really appreciate every single word.
      {{{happy crafting hugs}}}
      Marg ;0 xx


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