Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Birth Congratulations for my newest Step Grandson...

Yes I have a new Step Grandson, by the name of David Jonathan, weighing in at  5lb 9oz at 4 weeks premature on 22nd January. There were some problems with the little man but he finally came home late this week. He is doing so well now but obviously still small. Both of his names come from David's paternal Grandad who sadly died some years ago, but it suits little David.
Let me introduce you to David at just a few hours old....

I have taken my time over making this card for him as I wanted it to be perfect!! I think I have achieved that with the finished card photographed below.... as I love to layer lace & ribbons to give more dynamic effect & different textures. I too, have to add a bow and/or buttons to every creation as a handmade item of papercrafting is not proper without either of them!! ;)

The image topper was a gift from the artist herself, Helz Cuppleditch. We have been talking, via email & Facebook for a while now & she very kindly said she would send me this topper when I was telling her about baby David & also looking at a photo on Facebook one day of the same topper but in pink.. 

I am entering this in to a Design Team call for one of my favourite online shops & blogs, called
Crafty Ribbons. 
Their website is available by clicking here: Website for Crafty Ribbons

Their Inspiration Blog is available here: Crafty Ribbons Inspiration Blog

and their Challenge Blog is available here: Crafty Ribbons Challenge Blog


  1. AW Bless him, hope he continues to improve, wonderful cad andthank you for showing an interest in our DT call, good luck x carol

    1. Oh Thank You so much Carol, I appreciate your very kind words on both counts.
      I adore your blog
      Marg ;) x


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