Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Retail Therapy's Dream Card.........

Good Morning peeps,

Yes, I was busy yesterday and the day before.... I spent 6 hours of my Sunday creating a card that I thought was for Friday but the customer's mother was going to be 60 the following day!!!! Oooppss.... I did manage to create a beautiful card though and that is shown in the previous post on here.
Yesterday I was busy finishing off a card for a regular customer, Stacey, who, this time wanted a large shoppers dream card for her boyfriends mum. The woman concerned loved to shop for herself mainly, with sometimes shopping for other people and Stacey had taken shine to a previous card similar like the one below so I made a few different things about this one.

Basically I had to change all of it, but as in changing the style of dresses, a banner instead of a layered circle with flower top, the types of card used for the decorative layered die cuts for the charm shoe, the perfume bottle is a die cut one (from Tattered Lace Dies), a different style of lipsticks, shopping bags. I have placed the original card(on the right-21st birthday) next to the new one so you can see for yourself
They are quite different but still the same style which my customer, Stacey, wanted. The change of pearls on the shoe are my idea as I didn't have enough of the large white flat backed pearls that I used on the original.  
Luckily Stacey loves the new version just as much as the original (but she has only seen photo). As for me? I like the new version as its not so cluttered, but this style of card is not one of my favourites.
I hope you might like it though??
Until another day, I will say bye and leave you with the photos...... (remember that the original 21st Birthday card is on the right)


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    1. Hiya Desire,
      Many thanks for your lovely compliment, I value your honesty!!
      Hope you are doing well on the DT's you are on?
      Marg ;) xx


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