Thursday, 5 September 2013

Update on my crafting life...

Good Morning peeps,

Well after yesterdays glorious weather (I only ventured in to my back garden) as I was crafting until my morning carer arrived then I sat at the laptop designing inserts & a page full of Christening invites
that I need this next week (early on). I have 4 items to make this weekend, it might be 5 as I really need to join in with the new stamp release over at DigiStamp4Joy which I didn't have time to make last weekend.  (Naughty naughty I know but I have been told its not a ruling that you create for every new release).
I have only had 2 bad days this week where I haven't wanted to craft, I did get distracted a couple of times by my daughter, Tia, wanting money for this & that, with her stunning me quite late last night that she would like some money on Saturday to go trouser/jean shopping with her best friend Sam. Tia, apparently, has realised that a lot of her trousers don't fit her anymore, as in too short in the leg.
What a time to go clothes shopping....the last weekend before starting college.!!
What I have created this week? Well, I have made quite a few things this week & also a lot of communicating with a couple of clients. I have secured an order for 30 Christening invites though. It is my first time of making Christening invitations but I know how to create them as she had seen a beautiful invite that she wanted "copying" but I cant or rather, Wont, copy as its unethical to say the least. I have a completely different ribbon to the lace on the photo & obviously different wording but I am using a high grade pearlescent paper for the writing, not plain white.
I have made a 30th Wedding Anniversary for my son-in-laws parents, a "wife" card for the same couple from the husband, a 50th mans birthday card, rugby themed birthday card for my son-in-law, a birthday card for his nan, I did start a "autumnal" themed project for a DT (Design Team) application for Creative Expressions but now I have the time to finish it off I cant find it!!! What a pain in the rear that is...

Well the news I have, is that I am now a member of the DT for Crafting Musketeers Challenge blog!!!!!!!!!!! That makes the 3rd design team I am a member of now & I am so pleased to be on all of them. Heads up to DigiStamps4Joy, Stampin For The Weekend and of course Crafting Musketeers
I have started on SFTW but I dont start on Crafting Musketeers until October & I have to create my project earlier as I have to have an operation on my left hand in the first week of Oct.

Anyway, I have to show you some of the cards that I have made this last few days -

A Birthday card for a Facebook friend of mine, Helz Cuppleditch,
who has in fact, designed & hand drawn the image before production
made in to the die cut card making kit that I had brought.

A joke rugby theme Birthday card for my rugby playing son-in-law
A 30th (Pearl) Wedding Anniversary card that was commissioned
by the husband for his darling wife. (My son-in-laws parents)
A cute but heart warming 3rd Wedding Anniversary that I have made for my eldest
daughter & hubby, (Steph & Martin) using the Crafters Companion Party Paws kit


A birth Congratulations card, commission order from my eldest sister as her only son
& wife have a baby in the house now, little Katie-Louise came into this world safely.
This is a layout of how I would have sent the card to the new parents. The pictures that my
eldest sister & her husband eventually chose was photographed in the next 2 photos....
The front of the Birth Congratulations card that my eldest sister & hubby decided
was the version that they wanted to send to their eldest son & wife on the
birth of their first child Katie-Louise

This is the inside of the card with the simple but sweet phrase to congratulate
the birth of baby Katie-Louise, with a gorgeous pencil drawing print of a
mummy Zebra & foal

50th Birthday commission order


  1. Congratulations Marg, 3 teams, that is a lot!

    You deserve it.

    Cazzy x

    1. Thank you so much Cazzy, yes it's a lot but one that I can still cope with as long as I can keep to my schedule of starting my Christmas cards soon lol. The Crafting Musketeers doesn't start until October but I will make my creation early as Im having an operation on my left hand & got an appointment at hospital on the
      3rd. Im hoping they will operate then but I will see.
      Marg ;) xx


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