Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday 13th July, a catch up post

Good morning peeps. Again, another hot sultry day here in Burntwood, Staffs. It was way too hot yesterday but I had to get the shopping in & as usual, I couldn't get myself ready & organised early enough to beat the heat. That was all because of being out for most of Thursday visiting my eldest daughter in Lichfield for an hour & half before she unfortunately had to go to work. Tia & I then spent the next few hours just lazing around & shopping at our leisure. I can only get to Lichfield
once a month so I make the most of it. We got home around 1.15pm & of course by then it was so hot.
I've got 3 cards to make today, 2 sweet 16th cards for Tia's friends, one of which is having a belated party this evening, at her home, so I shall be making a belated card for her, the other birthday girl will
be 16 tomorrow, Sunday., so that an be a normal birthday card. The last card, which has also got to be posted on here as a new post, is for the company that I am on the Design Team for. That will be posted on here tomorrow morning at 9am so please pop back then....
Tomorrow morning I will also do a blog post about the card I made yesterday for my eldest grandson.
Jamie will be 13 tomorrow & it fills me with dread that I have a 13 year old grandson, but as with his
younger brother Ben (who will be 10 on New Years Eve. I love them to bits, not forgetting my Stepchildren & their children too,. I have 4 step grandchildren, Cameron will be 11 in August, Alisha is 6, Aisha will be 6 in December, Jessica will be 3 next January, also I have another Stepgrandchild on the way which is due next March (so very early days yet).
Well, I had best get started. Now I've had my postman delivered some new goodies too that I ordered last week, posted 1st class too its taken 5 working days to get here!! I'm not happy with Royal Mail but that's another story.
Be back tomorrow peeps, don't forget the 2 new cards that will be posted on here separately.
Bye for now x ;)

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