Sunday, 23 June 2013

Quirky Blog Challenge GDT card number 3 for me......

Good Morning from a wet Burntwood but also from a woman whos not that well, but being a mum, single parent & a dog owner, apart from being disabled, Ive been woken up at 6.20am by my beautiful Staffy/Bull Mastiff and tan coloured too, who when he comes downstairs to go out that he
always come into wake me up first!! (To top it all, after a quick fuss hes gone back to sleep on my teenage daughters bed!!! I love him to bits & Im so glad that I brought him (off a woman on Facebook actually) just over one year ago.  Anyway, its now still early, Ive got the omnibus episodes of 2 of the soaps that I watch & missed, again, all this week & Im writing this ready to schedule so it goes live the same time as the main challenge blog. (That was until I fell asleep this afternoon until my carer walked in again!! Thats two days in a row but this time it was half an hour later lol). Its now just gone 8pm so I had better post this so you lovely people can read this......

Right-why Im actually writing this blog. The lovely people over at Robyns Fetish are our wonderful
sponsers for this challenge.
Our lovely leader (lol) Carol, on Quirky Crafts Blog Challenge has chosen the theme of "Everyone wants to be a cat" which is a song (as you more than likely be aware is) from the famous Walt Disney film "The Aristocats". So using one of Robyns Fetish's lovely image called "TooKewlCat" I made the following Joys Fold card. Why its called a Joys Fold Ive got no idea!
As soon as I saw TooKewlCat I decided that he was sitting on either a beach or at the park and I found an old backing paper in my files from a company called The Paper Shelter   & its got fluffy white clouds a rainbow with a border of balloons. I coloured "Took" with my trusty Promarkers cut him out with a small white border (well pale grey as I had added a bit of shade to the left hand side as you look at him) adding 4 lines of Sakura Gelly Roll "Clear Star" glitter pen to his whiskers and around his very cool looking black edged sunglasses lol. I definately wanted to add a bit of fun element to this card as I wanted to make him for a young adult. So I had a small card (10cm square)
and added a small patterned blue paper to both insides & on the right hand side I added a smaller piece of white super smooth paper so a verse or sentiment could be written. On the larger piece of card I added a piece of distressed mottled red paper to completely cover the left hand side of the card & topped that with a piece of dark coloured silver paper. I wanted to add some texture so I used pieces of red & blue coloured twine, twisting them and stuck down so  the ends went behind the silver bacing paper. On the right hand side of the larger card, which is the side that holds the card upright when the card is standing up I covered that with 2 blue patterned papers, one stars & one stripes. I thought, with being a "Kewl mans" image, that it should be finished off with a 21st and a small Happy Birthday sentiment.  I dont know who Im going to give this card to so I might donate it to a charity for them to either sell or giveaway lol ;0 xx

I will, however, enter this into a couple of blog challenges but after a couple of days from when this challenge starts...
Enjoy your day peeps & I welcome any comments or questions that you may have.

Edited: Doh!!! What am I like??? I forgot to put the link up for you to find the Quirky Crafts Blog Challenge Number 13 so much easier!!!!  Click HERE   Sorry about that peeps.... ;( x


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  2. I never knew they were called a Joy fold card, maybe the first person ever to make one was called Joy! Happy Crafting!! Love the card
    Sorry smelling, I mean spelling mistake, perhaps you can delete it!

  3. lol Lyn that's what I first thought when I read it was a Joy fold. Never mind anyway, Ive been doing these for some years, in a way, anyway. With mine though Ive been putting a smaller card on top of a larger one.
    Thanks for your comments though, its lovely when a fellow DT member comments.
    Marg xx

  4. Very Kewl card Marg!

    Cazzy x

  5. Hi Marg! Thanks for visiting me and joining my blog. It's a joy to hear that you are enjoying the images and freebies. I've followed your blog too. You have some great ideas here with lovely work! Blessings to you. xx Kathryne

    1. Hi Kathryne,

      Thank you so much for visiting & following my blog, I appreciate it very much.
      Also, thank you for the lovely compliment about my work.


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