Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tia's 16th Birthday weekend

Good afternoon peeps...

Well Ive had a busy weekend and I dont know about you, but Im completely tired and worn out. From all of last week with every single card Ive made , this last week has all been worth it. It was also my youngest daughters 16th birthday on Monday so the celebrations began on Saturday as it was the only day my eldest daughter and her family, could visit. They only live 6 miles away but I dont see them as often as I would like to due to my health problems stopping me from driving. The end result of 3 days of work is one very happy teenager who has still gone to school every day, with birthday cake going in to her best friends and the lovely lollipop lady who, as a family, have known for the last 15 years through the girls going to the same high school.
As I wanted Tia to have a nice birthday cake, I checked with a few cake makers before choosing a very local one, it was only 1/2 mile away lol, called Little Cake Boutique. I fully recommend this company, run by a lovely lady called Helen. After a few private messsages & emails via Facebook we finally decided on The Twilight Saga (about vampires) if anyone doesnt know. Helen worked her fabulous magic and produced a tripled layered red velvet cake sandwiched and coated with chocolate buttercream and then covered with fondant.  The finished result was so schrumsious, yummiest cake that both Tia & I have ever tasted.....I also forgot the most fabulous, wonderful, lifelike cake, well see for yourself in these photos............ (even the cake board was covered in fondant to represent the chessboard in one of the books & films of the Saga). The apple is actually a proper apple covered in fondant.

You can find all about the The Twilight Saga/Series here. Its written by the very talented  Stephanie Myer

Thats it for todays post peeps., and thank you to every single person who has said/visited/wished/given Tia, my youngest daughter, birthday greetings and/or presents.
Bye for now
Love Marg, Tia & Reggie (my staffy/bll mastiff dog, whos currently sitting right behind me on this armchair!!) x

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