Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Giveaway (link) from "The Ribbon Girl" Blog

Good Morning peeps,
Wow, do I feel good this morning & I dont know why lol. Never mind, I dont suppose it will last
long, good things never do with me! On with the good things in life:
A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

The Ribbon Girl blog (& online shop) is giving away a really beautiful collection of flowers.
The actual statement off the blog is below:

"We've got a new collection of flowers in stock - Vintage Anemones, Mixed Dahlias and Floribunda Roses in a lovely range of vintage colours - we have included a packet of the yummy Anemone Marshmallow Mix plus a pack of 5 Wild Orchid Crafts 35mm pink trellis roses, a bunch of 6 pink/white beaded berries and a bunch of 6 pink/white beaded stamens - just think how many cards and scrapbook pages you could decorate!!
We will pick one winner at random on Saturday 20th April"

Arent they beautiful??? I adore these and if I dont win them I shall have to buy some as these
will absolutely make the finished card complete & untouchable. I shall have to top each card that 
I use these on with acetate to protect them from the receiptiant from touching the lovely detail.
This giveaway can be found by clicking on the link below:

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