Friday, 7 December 2012

A Birthday card in December 2012

A Birthday card in December........for one of my step grandaughters.

Aisha will be 5 years old on Saturday 8th December, and like most young school girls,
loves the idea of Princesses, Fairies and Dreams.  As I'm still only partly unpacked
(after having to pack everything & move out for 8 weeks, whilst disability adaptations
were done),  I've made do with what was to hand, which wasn't much in the way of
Disney Princesses or fairies suitable, until I came across a Kanban A3 card making kit. 
The card below is the result and I'm quite pleased
with it.

At least I should be able to make some half decent Christmas cards now, well, if I use
the Christmas kits that I keep Sorry, scrap that, I'm part way through
making a silver/white & pink Christmas card, complete with running deers & snowflakes

That's all for tonight, sorry, this morning as it's now 1.41am..............
Happy Crafting peeps, see you soon
Love Marg xxx


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  2. Thank you so much Rory, for your lovely comment, it's really appreciated.
    I didnt bother making an A3 card for Aisha, as a "normal" young girl, she
    would prefer to be playing.
    Thank you, also, for taking the time to visit my blog and also for taking
    the time to comment.
    Merry Christmas ;)


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