Sunday, 2 September 2012

A fantastic giveaway.....

Fantastic news for all of you wonderful crafters who loves to get something
for just a little bit of work on their own blog!!

Studio 12 at Polkadoodles,
Where paper meets digital...meets creativity that knows no bounds...
is giving away some gorgeous Polka Doodles/Studio 12 goodies
Thats all for a few days now peeps, as my disability adaptations start in 3 days and Ive
got a lot more packing up to do so Im afraid somethings got to give and its the internet...
including my facebook account as well as this blog, my emails and above all else-my card
making!!!  Ive taken most of my craft stash down to the property where Im having to stay
whilst the majority of the work is carried out. As soon as I can I will be back online and
all will be back to normal or atleast until most of the work is done and then I can move
back whislt they work around me, I hope anyway... lol.
I should be back online before the end of the week as soon as I hand over the keys, on
Wednesday morning, I can go to my temporary home and start crafting, that is  once Ive
made my bed up & put my clothes away.  (Im having to stay with my ex partner, my
youngest daughters dad) as there is no where else for me to live whilst all the downstairs
of my home is adapted to suit my disabilities. Its a long story and one Im not going to
write about on here.
Thats all for now peeps, take care, Enter the Studio 12 Giveaway, and Happy Crafting!!!
Love Marg xxxx

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