Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Im on Net Mums!!

Good Morning from a very warm and sunny Burntwood in Staffordshire.,
its only 7.45am but Im already wide awake, well so much awake anyway ;)

Today I would like to tell you about a fantastic website called
which is wonderful, its so informative, helpful in lots of different ways and so
upto date in every way. I found it a while ago, how I cant remember, but the
main thing is that I can list my cards for sale on there for free. I could upgrade
for small fee each month but at the moment I have enough on my mind getting
spare/unused stock on Facebook for sale due to the impending building work
The object of Net Mums is used by countless mums and dads over the country,
to help them find the help that they need for any query, question or problem they
may have, to give them every bit of help with the planning of days out, what to do
with any youngsters party and where to find every single piece of party planning
you should need, which is where I come in with the invitations that I can make,
but also, not forgetting the absolute must of a Birthday Card.

The link below will take you straight to my page:

I must say that also available on are:
support, advice, local sellers to your own area, chat area called "coffeehouse", food,
what's on, competitions and many many more...  

I must sign off now, a busy day for me as my dishwasher has developed a
fault and the repair man is due this morning. Ive also got to finish off or
atleast start to personalise my Etsy account which I opened a couple of days
ago. More on that when Ive finished it and my account is fully open.
Bye for now peeps xx

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