Monday, 11 June 2012

Long time no blog!!

My apologies for not blogging for a few weeks again, Ive just not had time!! 
Well Ive been busy getting ready for my last craft fair as Im giving up driving
and selling my car. Its a case of having to due to my failing health.
Looking on the bright side, that will enable me to concentrate on my commission
orders and the blog challenges I take part in, that is to either be a guest or full time
designer for that blog or to win prizes .
I thought I would share two of the cards that Ive busy making (that is inbetween
falling alseep whilst crafting or on the laptop thinking of the verses that were needed)

A competition entry for a blog,
to win sets of stamps, entry requirements
were to use Teal, White and Black
A full view of the card

Showing the verse
A competition entry from

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  1. Well Hi Marg thank you for the link I will keep popping by.I car,t follow you as yet my button vanished.I love your cards I love the teal white and black my fav colours I must use this combo xx


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