Sunday, 29 April 2012

From Tia: Diddy Doodles time again, for May 2012

Hi, it's Tia and it must mean that it is Polka Doodles junior blog challenge called
Diddy Doodles!!!
As you might be aware, Im on the design team for Diddy Doodles and each month
we have a Junior Blog Challenge open to any child under the age of 16 to design
and make an item based on the theme that Nikky Hall (owner and designer of Polka
Doodles) who sponsers this challenge, Thank you Nikky.

Our task this month was to make a card/design based on the theme of:
Garden & Growing (flowers, gardening etc) chosen this month by my design team
member Caitlin.

For this card I used a standard A4 sheet of white card folded in half and stuck on
background paper printed from "All around and Everywhere" cdrom by ., printed off another background sheet from the same cdrom,
cut it down to the size I wanted and then stuck that down as well.
I then scrolled through the "Double Spinkle of Craft", again from
cdrom and saw the toadstools image (below) and decided that would fit lovely into my
design!  I shrunk the image down as it was was too big when the toadstools image and
weeds were "cut out" of the cdrom page using the Snapshot tool.  I coloured the tree
image and the toadstools/weeds using my mums promarker pens (shes brought loads
more since our last challenge so Im happy!!! lol)  I then, obviously stuck the toadstools
and weeds on to the card.
The final touch was a hot pink coloured flower, the purple large gem butterfly and
sentiment that I found in my mums stock...she will soon regret (not) for letting me loose
on her card making stash if I keep this up lol, as much as I love my mum I dont think
she will love me as much for much longer. I might get a break from looking after
her so much (as shes disabled)  ;)   I love you mum xxxxxxx

The link to the Junior Blog for this challenge is:

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